About Seek4fund.com

Seek4fund.com is a crowdfunding platform. We are about helping you raise funds for your causes. On seek4fund.com all campaign/donation pages are created by individuals just like you. You can create projects/campaigns/donation pages ranging from personal to entrepreneurship projects, medicals, weddings, funerals, publishing a book, etc., on seek4fund.com.

How to raise Funds on seek4fund.com

Seek4fund makes it easy to raise fund online for everything that matters to you most. From medicals, to education, to weddings, to memorials and every other thing in between. Seek4fund.com makes it easy to invite family & friends to donate to your important projects, causes and life events.

How it works:

Simply sign up on seek4fund.com, create your donation page, and share your link with friends & family on social media; Facebook, Twitter etc., and collect donations.

Contact Info

Website : www.seek4fund.com

Email address : info@seek4fund.com

Twitter : @seek4fund

Facebook  : www.facebook.com/seek4fund

Telephone : +234 (1) 270 8110, +234 (1) 897 6195

Address : 1A Adedeji Adelowo Street, Off Admiralty way,
Lekki Phase One, Lagos, Nigeria